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Easy-to-use paymentintegration with a lot of paymentoptions!

Simplify selling for creatives and event organizers

Musicfront is an online platform for creatives and event organizers to create a free all-in-one webshop to sell physical and digital products as well as tickets. With an easy-to-use modern design, extensive payment system, and print-on-demand system, the platform makes it easier than ever to sell to your audience and make a living as a creative without the risks and investments.



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Musicfront Hoodie



Sell merchandise without risks or investements

What is Print-On-Demand?

Selling merchandise doesn’t have to be a high investment and risk anymore. With Musicfront’s built-in print-on-demand system, you can design and sell your merchandise to your fans immediately. When you receive a sale, we go to work, manufacture the order, and ship it directly to your fans. Choose between t-shirts, hoodies, or a premium tote bag in various colors and sizes. With Musicfront’s print-on-demand, your merchandise is no longer limited by your budget!

Musicfront Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Musicfront Tote Bag


Musicfront Hoodie


Musicfront Hoodie


1. Choose a product and upload your designs

Choose from a wide range of products such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more. Upload your front-, back- and sleeve design and you are ready to sell in no time!

2. Make a sale

The magic of print-on-demand is that the product only gets made when you make a sale. Therefore you can create merch without risks and investments. Feel free to experiment with different designs on different products and see what works.

3. We manufacture and ship it

When you make a sale, we go to work to manufacture and ship it. So you don't have to do anything. Your customer gets an automatic email when the product is shipped and you can follow the status in your dashboard.

4. You get paid

When you create your product, you can choose the profit you want to make. So you make the exact amount you ask for.

Physical products

Sell and ship products with ease

From selling vinyl to paintings

Offer all your physical products easily, from vinyl to clothes and posters. Add your products to your shop with an easy-to-use form. Add variations and quantity to your product. Musicfront will even notify you when you are low on stock. Choose which regions you want to ship, and add detailed shipping rates. It has never been this easy to sell your products to your fans.

Custom shipping rates

With Musicfront, you are in full control of shipping. Choose where you want to ship your products to and set a custom rate. You can also add an additional charge when a customer orders multiple items.


Does your product have multiple variations, or do you want to sell a special edition? We've got you covered. Specify your variations in the Musicfront Dashboard, and your customers can choose the perfect variation for their needs.

Digital products

Sell your discography, exclusive videos and more!

Upload and sell your music, videos, links, and more!

On Musicfront, you can sell all kinds of digital products. This means not only your full discography but also other files, such as PDFs, videos, plug-ins, and more. Besides uploading files, you can also sell private links to your Discord server or hidden YouTube videos. The sky is the limit with digital products in Musicfront. One product also isn't limited to one filetype, add a thank you video to your album or add a PDF to your video with more information.



From selling your music to podcasts. Musicfront is the ideal platform to make money from your recordings.



Musicfront is ideal for selling a video masterclass or extended versions of your Youtube videos.


Private links

Sell links to your content, such as a private Youtube video or an invite for your Discord server. Ideal to sell exclusive access to your content.


And more!

On Musicfront, you can sell all types of files, from PDF's to your favorite Photoshop presets.

Event tickets

Hosting events has never been this easy

Built-in ticketscanner

Streamline your event with the built-in easy-to-use ticket scanner.

From concerts to workshops

Get the most out of your concerts with Musicfront! Sell tickets with ease with a dedicated page and different ticket options for every event. Use the built-in ticket scanner to validate tickets at the door with ease!

Ticket variations

Want to give people a VIP experience to your concert? Take your event to the next level with different ticket variations at different prices.

Beautiful landingpages for your event

Design beautiful landingpages for your event with custom videos and photos to announce the line-up or give more information about what is going to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know


How much does Musicfront costs?

Creating an account on Musicfront is free. We only charge a fee of 10% + €0,35 every time you get a sale. This means that if you don't sell anything, you don't have to pay anything.


Which payment methods are available?

Currently Musicfront supports: credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Bancontact, Ideal and Google Pay. We are currently working on expanding this with Apple Pay, Paypal and more.


When will I get paid?

The money you earned will be available in your account 2 weeks after the order. We've added this period to prevent fraud.


What can I sell?

On Musicfront you can sell pretty much everything. We support physical products, digital products (files or a link), tickets for your event and print-on-demand products.


How long does it take for my print-on-demand order to be fulfilled?

Our fulfillment time is around 2-5 business days. You will receive a track-and-trace link as soon as the order is shipped.